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Commercial Music

My goal is to provide quality custom music solutions for a wide range of clients. Services include original compositions, orchestrations, synthesis, and sound design for film, television, games and multimedia applications.

A background in jazz, classical, and contemporary genres allows me to produce highly emotive music with a short turnaround, and an in-house production studio provides the tools to produce work that is “network ready.”

I have worked with a number of local and national clients (American Idols in Concert, Dallas Symphony, Freda Payne, Clint Eastwood gala celebration, etc.).

Music for film, TV, and games

In this era of pre-recorded audio loops and canned music libraries, some contemporary composers lack the stylistic depth and nuance to bring a producer’s artistic vision to fruition. I pride myself on bringing a deep knowledge of musical styles to the table, and I am equally comfortable writing for a symphony orchestra or slicing and dicing hip hop loops.

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Arranging & Orchestration

I have had the pleasure of writing and orchestrating music for numerous orchestras including the Dallas Symphony, Spokane Symphony, Orchestra Seattle, New Haven Symphony, Coeur D’ Alene Symphony, and Spokane Jazz Orchestra. 25 years of experience with international music publisher Hal Leonard Corporation have helped me to hone my skills so that I can quickly produce music that is of high quality and notated cleanly and accurately.

Virtual Studio Pianist

I am pleased to offer a new “virtual” studio session service. My studio is built around an amazing 7’ Bösendorfer studio grand piano and, through the wonders of high speed internet, it is possible to use the piano for virtual studio sessions. This is advantageous for studios that cannot afford the upkeep of a studio-quality instrument or in situations where it is helpful to hire a top-caliber session pianist.

High quality microphones and converters are used to capture the highest fidelity sound, and project files can be transferred natively using Pro Tools or Logic (other DAWs including Digital Performer may be available with advance notice).

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Recording Studio

An in-house production facility is available for quick turnaround. The studio features a 7’ concert grand piano, control room, and two recording rooms. Recent recording projects include production for national corporations including Thomson Course Technology, Oxford University Press, and Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation as well as a number of local clients.


I have enjoyed the opportunity to write and produce music for a number of national clients including Yamaha Corporation, Cue11, Upstream Productions, Artist Pro/Mix Books, Hal Leonard Publishing, Thomson Course Technology, Freda Payne, and Dee Daniels as well as organizations including the Dallas Symphony, Spokane Symphony, New Haven Symphony, Coeur D’ Alene Symphony, and Spokane Jazz Orchestra.

I am always interested in serving new clients in the film, television, game, and multimedia industries.

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