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Most of my research is found at the intersection between music and computer science and falls in four broad categories: micro-controllers such as Arduino and Teensy for music performance and synthesis, music notation algorithms, algorithmic composition, and recording arts. A recent publication for Oxford University Press led to consulting work on a high-speed MIDI prototype for Yamaha Corporation and an invitation to write an article for the MIDI Manufacturer’s website.

Music Instrument Digital Interface

A recent article on the topic of Arduino and MIDI for the MIDI Manufacturer’s Website:



For a brief overview of some of my micro-controller research, explore some of the videos that were created for Oxford University Press:


Custom step-sequencer, one of the projects in Arduino for Musicians:

Recording arts and music production

As a music technologist, I am keenly interested in helping musicians to expand their work into the realm of recording and production–a foundation of modern-day musicianship. Recent publications include Recording on a Budget (Oxford University Press) and Musicianship in the Digital Age (Thomson Course Technology/ArtistPro).

Computer Science

As an avid programmer, I am interested in using a variety of computer languages such as C++, Java, C#, and Objective-C to create pedagogic ear training and notation applications. Development includes various iterations of “Melvin,” an online ear training application, and “Prelude,” a music notation application that was used to develop a set of music notation C++ classes and algorithms.

Algorithmic Composition

In addition to micro-controller research and development, I am currently exploring the use of genetic algorithms for interactive composition as well as “swarms” and other algorithmic approaches to music composition and synthesis.