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pianist, composer, arranger


I am a jazz pianist, composer, and arranger with many years of music industry experience. Recent highlights include national tours with Motown star Freda Payne, books for Oxford University Press and Hal Leonard Corporation, jazz band arrangements commissioned for a gala concert honoring Clint Eastwood, and performances with notable players including John Clayton, Eddie Daniels, Victor Wooten, Clark Terry, and many others. (See the bio page for more information). I frequently perform as a solo pianist, with my trio, and with jazz bands and symphony orchestras.

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In addition to my work as a pianist, composer, arranger, and orchestrator, I also enjoy writing art music for a variety of solo, chamber, and orchestral configurations. Highlights of music compositions include Prairie Songs: Remembering Ántonia, a song set that premiered this year in France and the US, two concertos for Jazz Piano and Orchestra, and Sonata for Two Pianos, a feature composition written as WSMTA’s Commissioned Composer of the Year.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work as a session keyboardist, composer, and orchestrator for many commercial music projects including work as an orchestrator and keyboardist for Carolina Preserves, an hour-long TV movie for NCTV, composition and recording for Dance Detroit, and a variety of projects for Hal Leonard Corporation, Oxford University Press, ArtistPro/Mix, and Thomson/Cengage.


Visit the research page to learn about my work involving music and computer science.

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A complete guide to Arduino and Teensy microcontrollers.

Led by Music Director Edward Polochick, the program will open with Prairie Songs: Remembering Ántonia by Brent Edstrom, a work commissioned by The Cather Project at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Premiere of new Sonata for Two Pianos will be featured at Washington State Music Teachers convention, June 2017.

European premiere of new song set.